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Mela Ethiopian Kitchen
Welcome to Delicious Mela Ethiopian Kitchen is a new & upscale Ethiopian Restaurant located in Decatur, GA, with a variety…
Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant
About Us Since 2008, Mahider has treated SLC to a true cultural experience with our authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Our family…
Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant And Lounge
Welcome Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge! Lucy is the common name of a specimen of A. afarensis, a direct ancestor of modern day…
Letena Ethiopian Cuisine
Located in the heart of Columbia Heights, Washington, DC, LETENA is the spot for authentic and inspired Ethiopian cuisine, great…
Injera For You
About Us Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we deliver our extraordinarily healthy and delicious injera bread worldwide. In addition to our wonderful bread,…
Zoma Restuarant
About Us Zoma is an ethiopian restaurant established in 2005. We honor and continue the old tradition of fresh ingridients,…
Habesha Restaurant
HABESHA Everyone loves to eat, that’s a fact. Think about when you hosted your last dinner party. You wanted the…
Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant
Ethiopia is one of the ancient countries located in the Horn of Africa, with a large population, diversified culture and…
Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar
– About Us – In the perfect, most beautiful setting, can exist only the most amazing restaurant. Whether you’re planning an…
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