2 Must Try Ethiopian Mixed Platter Dishes

Whether you are vegetarian or a meat lover, the best place to begin with Ethiopian food is to order Mixed Platter Dishes at an Ethiopian Restaurant near you – meat, vegetarian, or both – so that you can sample a variety of stews (Wots) and dishes at one sitting. Although the mounds delivered to your table may individually appear small, collectively the portions are often staggeringly large. We recommend sharing a plate with others so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Although some dishes may appear regularly in mixed platters, the ones that comprise yours will likely be based on whatever happens to be cooked fresh that day. Always a tasty surprise!

Mixed Platter Dishes #1: Beyainatu

Ethiopian Mixed Platter Dishes - Beyainatu
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One of the most popular dishes in Ethiopia, especially among vegetarians, the word ‘Beyainetu’ roughly translates to “a bit of everything”. And true to its name, the dish comes with a layer of injera on a large serving platter with several tasty and colorful vegetarian dishes on top, including several types of lentil and split pea stews (e.g., Shiro Wot, Misir WotAlecha Kik or Mesir Kik) along with Kale (Gomen), Cabbage (Tilkil Gomon), etc.

The dish is also very popular in Ethiopia, where for religious reasons, most people abstain from eating any kind of animal products including meat, dairy products such as milk and eggs on Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as other fasting periods prescribed by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

If it’s your first time trying Ethiopian food, this is one of the first dishes you should try.

Mixed Platter Dishes #2: Mahberawi

Ethiopian Mixed Platter Dishes - Mahberawi
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Maheberawi is the meat dish equivalent to Beyainetu as it is mixed platter of several meat-based stews like key wat (beef stew), tibs (lamb, beef or goat cubes cooked with Nitter Kibeh and herbs like rosemary), and Kitfo. If you’re a meat lover, this is definitely a dish you should try, especially if you’re ordering in a party of two or more people.