Top 7 Ethiopian Meat Dishes

Ethiopian Meat Dishes #1: Doro Wot

Ethiopian Food | Doro-Wot-6

One of the great Ethiopian meat dishes for all meat lovers, Doro Wot (chicken stew), is made with the mixture of the omnipresent Berbere, a heavy load of Niter Kibbeh (Ethiopian clarified butter), chicken parts, eggs, and onions. The sauce is mostly made from onions that have been stewed down for so long, they disintegrate into a puree. The chicken comes dripping with juices and the egg is caked in flavor.

In Ethiopia, Doro Wot is the go-to meal of celebration during national and religious festivals. And because it takes a long time to make, it is often only served during these holidays and on special occasions.

You can find the recipe for Doro Wot here.

Ethiopian Meat Dishes #2: Tibs

Ethiopian Food | Tibs

Cubes of meat (beef, lamb or goat) stir-fried with onions, peppers and other vegetables in Niter Kibbeh. Quite often, twigs of rosemary or other herbs are added to it. Tibs can also be served spicy with some Berbere thrown in.

Tibs is served in a variety of manners, and can range from hot to mild or contain little to no vegetables. There are many variations of the delicacy, depending on type, size or shape of the cuts of meat used. Beef, mutton, and goat are the most common meats used in the preparation of tibs.

It is usually prepared on special occasions and holidays.

You can find the recipe to make Tibs here.

Ethiopian Meat Dishes #3: Kitfo

Ethiopian Food | Kitfo-1

Another distinctively Ethiopian dish, Kitfo is minced lean beef meat marinated in Mitmita and Niter Kibbeh. It is usually reserved for special occasions in Ethiopia.

The quality of the meat is the key to good Kitfo and, when done right, it should pretty much dissolve on the tongue. It’s usually served with Ayib, a soft creamy cheese, and sautéed greens.

Kitfo can be served well cooked, semi-cooked (leb-leb) or raw, as per your preference.

You can find the recipe to make Kitfo here.

Ethiopian Meat Dishes #4: Tere Siga (Q’wirt)

Tere Siga Qwirt II
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This dish is not for the faint-hearted. ‘Tere Siga’ directly translates in to ‘raw meat’ in Amharic, and that exactly what it is. It is, however, a popular delicacy in Ethiopia, and it is served in cubes or in long, fleshy strips of beef meat known as Gored Gored.

Tere Siga is a dish reserved for important celebrations, and it is a usually communal meal that is shared with two or more people. It is customarily eaten with injera used to hold on to the cubes of meat, and ‘mitmita’, a traditional powdered seasoning mix.

Unlike most Ethiopian dishes, Tere Siga comes with cutlery – a sharp knife which is used to cut the meat into bite-sized chunks. The cutting of the meat has its own technique that is practiced by all seasoned Tere Siga enthusiasts.

A popular theory on how Ethiopians developed the habit of eating Tere Siga is that during wartime encampments sometime in the 16th century, soldiers would hunt during the day and eat the meats raw at night so that they could avoid detection by not having to start fires to cook their meat.

It goes with-out saying that you should always be careful when eating raw (uncooked) meat as it could cause illness, most notably, tape worms and salmonella.

Ethiopian Meat Dishes #5: Minchet

Ethiopian Food | Minchet-Abish

Although not very common in most Ethiopian households, Minchet is one of the best meat dishes available in most Ethiopian Restaurants. It is often placed at the center of a Maheberawi, but can often be ordered as a stand-alone dish. This ground meat stew is made from simmered red onions blended with ground beef and berbere. It’s often served topped with a boiled egg or two.

You can find the recipe for Minchet Abish here.

Ethiopian Meat Dishes #6: Quanta Firfir

Ethiopian Food | Quanta-Firfir-2

Quanta Firfir is variation of Firfir with Quanta, which is Ethiopian beef jerky, added to it.

You can find the recipe for Quanta Firfir here.

Ethiopian Meat Dishes #7: Key Wot

Ethiopian Food | Key-Wot

Key Wot is a fantastic Ethiopian beef stew. The meat is usually cut into tiny pieces, then stewed with a generous amount of Berbere, some extra cumin, fenugreek, onions, garlic, and a bit of tomato puree to make the sauce.

It is very similar to Minchet, but made with meat chunks instead of minced meat. Also served with a boiled egg on top, in the middle of a mixed plate. The meat and sauce combination of Key Wot makes for the perfect dish to mop up all the flavorful sauces and juices.

You can find the recipe for Key Wot here.