2 Popular Ethiopian Comfort Foods

Like all comfort foods, Ethiopian comfort foods are special types foods that are characterized by their high caloric nature, high carbohydrate level, or simple preparation methods. Moreover, they are also known to provide a nostalgic or sentimental value to a specific individual or culture.

Ethiopian Comfort Foods #1: Genfo

Ethiopian Food | Genfo-2
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Genfo is a simple Ethiopian porridge that is commonly consumed for breakfast, made by adding dry-roasted barley flour to boiling water and stirring the concoction with a wooden utensil until it develops a smooth, yet extremely thick consistency.

The porridge is then transferred to a bowl, and a hole is created in the center, which is then filled with clarified spiced butter and berbere spices. Genfo is traditionally consumed as it is, although it can be accompanied by a scoop of yogurt.

You can find the recipe for Genfo here.

Ethiopian Comfort Foods #2: Kikil

Ethiopian Food | Kikil
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Kikil is a mild stew with potatoes and lamb that is slowly cooked to get all the flavors from the bones. It is a great meal to use as a substitute for chicken soup offered to those feeling under the weather. Make sure the meat is nice and tender before it is served, that qualifies it as a perfect Kikil.

You can find the recipe for Kikil here.