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Ethiopian Food Guide is a platform with an ambitious vision of creating a centralized online platform where anyone interested about Ethiopia’s unique food culture can find comprehensive information and resources in the form of Restaurant Listings, Recipes, Blog Posts, Curated Products, and so much more.

In order to realize this vision, we call up-on all Ethiopian food lovers across the world to contribute any type of content to our website. This is also an opportunity for creators and content developers the chance to showcase their and promote works. Contributors will, of course, be credited and will also be able to link their work to their website, social media pages, online store, etc.

What Can You Contribute?

  1. Ethiopian Food Recipes
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Visual Media (including Images, Videos, Infographics, etc.)

Why Should You Contribute?

  • Get International Recognition from Your Fellow Restaurateurs, Chefs & Food Lovers;
  • Promote Yourself and/or Your Business (Restaurant) by Showing-off with One of Your Signature Menu Items;
  • Ethiopian Food Culture is as Diverse as Its Ethnicities. Here You Can Represent Your Ethnic Food Culture by Showcasing Your Recipes;
  • Support Our Mission of Promoting Ethiopian Foods and Restaurants Globally.

You can submit your contribution by uploading the file(s) here.

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