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With the growing love and appreciation for Ethiopian food around the world, the goal of Ethiopian Food Guide is to promote all the Ethiopian Restaurants located all over the world – serving authentic Ethiopian Foods along with true Ethiopian hospitality.

In addition to finding a Restaurant near you, Ethiopian Food Guide also provides you with valuable information on several Ethiopian dishes, including detailed Recipes and comprehensive Food Guides. The website is also a great place to learn more about the rich & diverse cultures, traditions and history of Ethiopia; a country shrouded in mystery for thousands of years until very recently.

We hope you find Ethiopian Food Guide an enjoyable, inspiring and informative in your journey to discovering more about Ethiopian and the Ethiopian Cuisine.

Thank you & Melkam Gebeta!

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Ethiopian Restaurants

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant And Lounge
Welcome Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge! Lucy is the common name of a specimen of A. afarensis, a direct ancestor of modern day…
Al Habasha Restaurant
Welcome to Al Habasha Restaurant – the first Ethiopian Restaurant in Dubai You will indeed love Africa proclaimed an Ethiopian…
Desta Ethiopian Kitchen
OUR STORY Co-owners Ash Nega and Titi Demissie were both born and raised in Ethiopia. The two met later in…
Lucy Lounge and Restaurant
Welcome to Lucy Lounge & Restaurant Lucy Lounge & Restaurant is well known for its unique and interesting decor as…
Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
ABOUT US Mesfin Woldamlak, owner and chef of the family-run Ethiopian restaurant, which has been established in the center of…
Habesha Ethiopian Cuisine
Since 2017 Habesha Ethiopian Cuisine Embracing Ethiopian Cuisine and Culture through deep-rooted family heritage and history, beautiful art and culture…

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Ethiopian Food | Kochkocha

Kochkocha (Yekarya Delleh) Recipe

Ethiopian Food | Tikil-Gomen-1

Tikil Gomen Recipe

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Ethiopian Food | Ethiopian-Snacks

3 Most Beloved Ethiopian Snacks

A typical Ethiopian snack, is Dabo Kolo (small pieces of baked bread that are similar to pretzels) or Kolo (roasted barley sometimes mixed with other local grains). Kolo made from

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Ethiopian-Food | Ethiopian-Breakfasts

9 Ultimate Ethiopian Breakfasts

Firfir or Fitfit is a probably the most common of the Ethiopian breakfasts. It is made from shredded injera or Kita stir-fried with spices or Wot. Another popular Ethiopian

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